Speculative Romances

  • A Ghost of A Chance by McKenna Dean (novel, steamy)
    Sarah Atwell walked away from everything she loved after discovering she’d inherited the family curse. Years later, her grandmother stuns everyone by leaving Sarah her horse farm.
    A former Redclaw agent, Casey Barnes has been living quietly as a horse trainer, but June Atwell’s death pits him against her granddaughter for rights to the stable.
    Snowed-in at the farm, a series of accidents draws Sarah and Casey closer together, but their secrets might tear them apart.
  • Freeker by Ella Drake (novella, steamy)
    If there’s any way a space trader can make a credit or two, pilot Warrant Bronson is willing to give it a go. Smuggling, delivering goods, or gun running—nothing is too risky. When a sexy stowaway turns out to be a wanted criminal, Warrant has no choice but to give up his uninvited guest to protect his family. But giving up Chara isn’t so easy.
  • Shaped by You by Debra Jess (short story, kisses only)
    When Miriam sculpted The Perfect Man, she intended for him to stay put. Now he’s missing, putting her future as an independent artist in jeopardy. Figures that she couldn’t even get her Perfect Man to stay with her, never mind her ex-boyfriend. Now she has to figure out what to do with the naked stranger who’s suddenly appeared in her loft, claiming he can help her find her Perfect Man. 
  • Curse of the Donkey Dong by Caitlyn Lynch (short story, erotic)
    aleb McLachlan’s just a dumb college kid when an encounter with one of the Fae changes his life forever. Meeting a succubus in a graveyard on Halloween might be the answer to at least one of his problems, though…
  • Seducing the Dragon by Siobhan Muir (novel, steamy)
    For Isabelle Andersen, being a virgin in a dragon-plagued Scottish village is dangerous. Isabelle’s only solution is to lose her innocence, and fast. Jonarrion Swiftwind has sworn off virgins while hunting demons. He’s all set to kill this demon until Isabelle offers him her virginity. One night of passion makes Jon want to keep the independent beauty. But will Isabelle accept him when she discovers the only real dragon in town… is him?
  • Haunted by Cathy Pegau (novel, kisses only)
    Environmental consultant Georgie Del Ducco sees dead people. Well, one dead person—her best friend, journalist Min Goldfelder. As much as Georgie appreciates Min’s company, she can’t help but wonder why Min keeps showing up and hasn’t “crossed over.”
    They must solve the mystery of Min’s death so she can continue her journey to the other side. But can Georgie stand to lose Min again? And how do bears fit into the picture?
  • Silver Unleashed by D.B. Seiders (novella, steamy)
    She doesn’t believe in magic. He is magic.
    Scientist and skeptic Gillian Hohenwald never expected Aiden Silver, sexy dragon shifter from another dimension. But they must form an uneasy alliance to stop the wizard from his conquest of Earth while making sure their attraction doesn’t distract from the mission. But can science and magic blend seamlessly, or will the mixture prove more explosive than any dimension can handle?
  • Silver Bound by Jody Wallace (novella, steamy)
    A heroine burned by magic…a hero who burns only for her.
    Nadia is a rare silver dragon who has been in captivity all her life. When she manages to escape from Tarakona to a world called Earth, can she trust the handsome wizard who finds her and promises that he just wants to keep her safe?

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