Privacy Policy

This privacy policy details how and when the Romance for Roe organizers will ask for your personal information, and how we will keep that information private.

In short, the only time we collect any individual information is when you email your contribution receipt to our designated email address. This receipt will never be shared with anyone, or forwarded to a third account. Your name, email address, donation amount, and any other personal details will be kept strictly confidential.

Your email address will be used to deliver a link to a third-party service (BookFunnel), which has their own privacy policy around the delivery of the anthology files.

We will not use this information to contact you for any other reason.

Received emails will be archived after the fundraising period ends.

There is no specific data collected on this website. We do not use cookies or collect other Digital information for advertising purposes.

If you have questions about this privacy policy, please contact