Historical Romances

  • The Midwife’s Son by Elizabeth Bright (novella, steamy, never before published)
    Miss Penelope Jones, daughter of a wealthy merchant, fell head-over-heels for the Duke of Rhyland. When the duke’s promises prove false, and Penelope is determined that one bad decision will not ruin her life.
    After helping Penelope through her abortion, Dr. Miles Blackmore believes they will never meet again. But when they do, sparks ignite. Penelope is on a path of destruction. Can Miles convince the furious, headstrong beauty that the best revenge is a life well lived…and well loved?
  • A Mad and Mindless Night by Elizabeth Cole (novel, steamy)
    Ashley Allander is a rake, rogue and spy. The Zodiac’s newest recruit must find an elusive inventor before war breaks out. Elanora Morgan is desperate. Her life’s work has been stolen from her. She gambles everything on a mysterious newcomer to regain her freedom. Together, Ash and Nora find an improbable love, and the chance for a new future…if they live long enough to reach it.
  • A Singular Lady by Megan Frampton (novel, sensual)
    Recently impoverished orphan Titania Stanhope must marry money if she plans to survive. The Earl of Oakley has money, but, in an attempt to keep gold-digging girls at bay, keeps it a secret. Then he meets Titania, whose sharp wit and keen mind are rivaled only by her lovely face.
  • A Captain for Christmas by Evelyn Isaacks (novella, steamy)
    When Alexander was the ward of Georgiana’s parents they were best friends until they fell in love. After being found in bed together, Alexander was shipped off– literally– to the Navy and Georgiana was married off to a family friend. Years later they are reunited at a Christmas house party where they must uncover the lies they were told about the other’s departure and decide whether they can trust love again.
  • The Westerman Affair by Regina Kammer (novel, erotic)
    After a taste of forbidden passion, Charles Westerman, Victorian England’s most sought-after landscape painter, knows he’s found his muse in Rosamund. Unfortunately, she’s married—to a fellow artist no less. But Rosamund’s husband encourages the affair with one condition: Rosamund’s predilection for spanking must be satisfied. Will Charles risk the threat to his reputation to explore passions and proclivities he never knew existed? Will he discover desires he never knew he had?
  • What If I Loved You by Cora Lee (novella, steamy)
    Jonas is content with his life… until he learns he must marry to advance his career. With no other professional options, Jonas proposes to the only person he can envision spending his life with: his close friend Nora. But Nora harbors an old family secret that could ruin them both, just as they begin their new life together. Is the risk worth the potential devastation? Or will Jonas and Nora be forced to part ways?
  • The Scandal of the Season by Eva Leigh (short story, kisses only)
    If Susannah Waterhouse has to endure one more dull gentleman at a ball, she’s going to scream. The handsome stranger she meets on a balcony promises to be far from dull, but this wallflower is about to find herself embroiled in the biggest scandal of the season…
  • The Mistletoe Trap by Eve Pendle (novella, steamy)
    Five years after breaking Amelia Chilson’s heart, he’s back!
    Amelia has made a life in London helping ladies fake embroidery skills. She’s not going to let one Christmas spoil that or make the mistake of falling for gentleman botanist Robert again. But passion flares under the mistletoe and they’re caught up in scandal. A second chance at love is just within reach…

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