Q: What is Romance for Roe?

A: Romance for Roe is a 100% donation based charity anthology. It gives romance readers the chance to get lots of romance books when they donate to Planned Parenthood or NARAL Pro Choice. It was organized by author Jackie Barbosa, with support and assistance from Eve Pendle, Zoe York, and Carrie Lomax, + Liz Crowe. Participating authors responded to a call on social media to contribute a story to this charity anthology in late summer 2021.

Q: Who are the participating authors?

A: Please see the list at the bottom of the Home page.

Q: Is Romance for Roe a charitable organization under the U.S. tax code?

A: No. Do not send money to Romance for Roe; we are not a charitable organization, and it will not be accepted. Donate directly to the organization of your choice, PPFA or NARAL .

Q: What is your affiliation with PPFA and NARAL?

A: None. Romance for Roe has no legal relationship with either PPFA or NARAL Pro Choice America. The charity anthology is a voluntary collaboration organized by author Jackie Barbosa.

Q: What will I receive when I submit my donation receipt?

A: You will receive an email with a link to download the anthology via Bookfunnel. Bookfunnel is a paid vendor and is not affiliated with the Romance for Roe project, Planned Parenthood, or NARAL Pro Choice.

Q: Can I submit a donation receipt for other abortion funds?

A: Romance for Roe is supporting PPFA and NARAL at this time, to counter the legal threat to Roe v. Wade and Griswold v. Connecticut. Other organizations are raising funds for direct abortion access, and we encourage you to support them if it is financially feasible for you.

Q: Who retains the copyright to the books?

A: Each contributing author retains all rights to their intellectual property.

Q: What are the authors getting out of this?

A: Nothing. No money is going to the authors. No money is going to the organisers. The organisers are hosting the website and the book out of their own pockets. Everyone involved just wants abortion and other reproductive health options to be an option for the people who need them.

Q: How do I get in touch with the Romance for Roe organizers?

A: You can contact Jackie Barbosa at romanceforroe@gmail.com.

Q: I donated and forwarded the receipt, but I haven’t got the download link. Help!

A: First check your spam folder. Most likely the receipt and reply with the download link are there. If you received two receipts, please try the other one. If it still doesn’t work, please contact us directly and we’ll try sort it out.

Q: I donated $10 cash in person / have a photograph/scan of the receipt, can I still get the ebook?

A: Unfortunately not. We’re only able to process digital donations at this time.

Q: Can I buy the ebook from my preferred book retailer?

A: Retailers take a cut of 30 – 65% of the price of all books they sell and charge a download fee dependent on the size of book, but we wanted all the money you donate to go towards increasing access to abortion. Therefore, we are not making this available on retailers.

Q: Will there be a paperback of this anthology?

A: There would need to be about 15 large volumes for the anthology to be in paper, so we don’t feel that’s feasible. Sorry!