Contemporary Romances

  • Semi-Tough Luck by Jackie Barbosa (novella, steamy)
    Sylvia loses her home, most of her possessions, and her livelihood when her semi rig is stolen from a truck stop parking lot. It’s not like she can easily refuse when the local sheriff suggests that she hitch a ride home with his younger brother, a pro hockey player who’s headed to San Diego. There’s no reason to think Ivan will be anything but a perfect gentleman. That is, until they have to share a motel room and there’s only one bed!
  • Acting Up by Adele Buck (novel, steamy)
    Paul and Cath are the perfect creative team. He’s an up-and-coming theater director and she’s his rock-steady stage manager.  
  • The Coffee Shop Around the Corner by Shae Connor (short story, kisses only)
    Social media manager for a progressive mayoral candidate, Madeline Maloney finds her interest piqued by an email exchange with a local businessman—but also by the cute guy at a local coffee shop. Palmer Harrison spends his mornings smiling at the beautiful woman who orders a caramel latte every day and his off hours emailing with a mystery woman who works for a mayoral campaign. And then their parallel relationships intersect—on Election Day.
  • Running into You by Tara Crescent (short story, erotic)
    How’s my Christmas going, you ask? I’m stuck working the day before Christmas. I almost run into my ex. That’s never good. 
    The universe owes me one.
    Then I meet a really hot guy. Sexy contractor Christopher is gorgeous, he’s nice, and he’s attracted to me. Thank you, Santa! 
    Of course, the universe has one final trick up its sleeve…
  • Yellow Card by Liz Crowe (novella, steamy, never before published)
    Paige Morrison is living her dream playing on the women’s Olympic soccer team even as she regrets the drama that led to the breakup with her boyfriend, Drew right before she left for the games. She misses her lifelong friend, cheerleader, and recent lover. When she finds herself clutching a gold medal while facing a brutal personal dilemma at the same time, she realizes that her decision will change everything about her life, her future, and her goals.
  • Legacy of Love by Savannah J. Frierson (short story, sensual)
    On the most important day in the year for his hometown, Gabriel balances grief with celebration as he inherits his late grandmother’s Juneteenth legacy. He also must convince his estranged best friend Gloria she’s part of that legacy and she should stay to be part of his future, too, before she leaves town again—this time for good.
  • Tainted Shadow by Sadie Haller (novel, erotic)
    Bodyguard Brody Clarke doesn’t think twice about cutting his vacation short when he’s asked to protect Tainted Pearl’s lead singer. Sparks fly when he rubs the rabidly independent rock star the wrong way. Now he needs to convince her that giving him control might just save her life. And if it has the side benefit of turning those sparks into a completely different kind of heat? Brody’s up for that kind of dominance as well.
  • Pink Slip by Katrina Jackson (novel, erotic)
    When Kierra becomes a PA to married spies, she falls into a deep unrequited lust. After three years, she accepts that it’ll never be. In her last week as Monica and Lane’s assistant, they whisk Kierra away for a mission. As they dispatch a European dictator, they also give in to their desires one time before their relationship abruptly ends with an assassination and danger. But the end is only the beginning.
  • Bad Friends by Red L. Jameson (novel, steamy)
    She’s a cop. He’s her ride-along partner. They’ve been best friends for years. So how the hell do they go from friends to…more?
  • Pregnant by the Playboy by Jackie Lau (novel, steamy)
    Vince Fong made a fortune when he sold his company, and he’s spent the years since partying and sleeping around. But lately, he’s felt an annoying lack of fulfillment. Then Marissa, his latest one-night stand, tells him she’s pregnant, and he thinks being a devoted father and husband will bring meaning to his life. Unfortunately, she rejects his proposal, but he’ll prove he can be something other than a playboy and hopefully change her mind…
  • Make Me by Liz Lincoln (novel, steamy)
    Grace doesn’t do repeats, but something about tattoo artist Josh keeps her coming back for more. Josh is intrigued by the aloof Grace, but wary about getting in deep with someone who is so closed off. Grace can’t resist his tattoos and bone-melting kisses, but to truly have Josh, she has to find the courage to put her painful past behind her. Can some Halloween magic help her do just that?
  • After Anna by Carrie Lomax (novella, steamy, never before published)
    Dana is running out of time to have a baby, and sexy environmentalist pilot Jason is the perfect no-strings-attached solution. Yet their unexpected, intense connection breaks all of Dana’s no-emotional-attachment rules.
    Jason won’t give up his dangerous work, but Dana and the promise of new family appeal to him more than expected. When the pregnancy ends in heartbreak, they must decide how to make a future together.
  • Songbird by Cecilia London (novel, sensual)
    Christine Sullivan knows how the world sees her–aloof, standoffish, cold…perhaps even bitchy. After a lifetime in politics, President Sullivan has taken her share of body blows, but now she’s back in Philadelphia ready to rebuild her life. That should be enough for anyone, right?
    Until Alexander Guardiola comes along…liberal, emotionally unguarded, younger. A lot younger. Everything Christine isn’t. And isn’t ready for.
  • Splash Me by Laura Lovely (short story, erotic)
    Kevin and April have hooked up twice… and things are goooood. When April risks sharing a roleplay fantasy — to recreate an iconic bathtub moment from the 80’s movie, Splash — our bearded, beer-bellied, ginger hero over-delivers in this “modern dating tail.”
  • A Choice Between Two by Sagan Morrow (novella, kisses only)
    When Emma meets Carlos, there’s instant attraction… but she’s already casually dating John. Then again, she has two best friends! She sees no harm in having two boyfriends, too. Emma didn’t anticipate that they’d both want to take their relationship with her to the next level, and now she has to choose between the two men in her life… or does she?
  • Experimental Marine Biology by Susannah Nix (novel, sensual)
    “Just friends” is all Brooke and Dylan have ever been. He might be a hot underwear model now, but growing up, he was the one guy she could always trust.
    When Dylan comes to town for a few days to crash on marine biologist Brooke’s couch, “just friends” accidentally turns into friends with benefits. Can they navigate these uncharted relationship waters? Or has Brooke wrecked her oldest friendship?
  • Roller Girl by Vanessa North (novel, steamy)
    Tina Durham’s personal-training career is floundering, her closest friends are swept up in new relationships, and her washing machine has just flooded her kitchen. Plumber Joanne Delario comes to the rescue. Joe is sweet, funny, and good at fixing things. She also sees something special in Tina and invites her to try out for the roller derby team she coaches. Could derby be the fresh start Tina needs?
  • Crossing the Line by Alison Packard (novel, steamy)
    When a lovely new ADA shows up in a Pennsylvania town, she ends up square in the sights of a man she should be putting in jail. There’s no room for a criminal in her law-abiding life—not even one as powerful and sexy as him. To have a future together, one of them will have to walk away from everything.
  • Pumpkin Spice Lover by Nico Rosso (novella, steamy)
    Camila Santos thinks she’s iced the year-old memory of the fling with her brother’s best friend, Alex Ikeda, but the return of the pumpkin spice also brings Alex back to the same coffee shop where their affair started.
    Alex knows the tryst with Camila holds the potential for more, but the complications are even more twisted. Can they keep their chance at love, or will their affair be crushed when the truth comes out?
  • Love in a Sandstorm by Zoe York (novel, steamy)
    Captain Sean Foster came back from war broken from the inside out. And he doesn’t care about being fixed. Not even by a woman who followed him halfway around the world due to some misguided loyalty.
    Jenna Kowalczyk had two weeks with a man who stole her heart. They promised each other forever, but one brutal explosion proved that promise to be paper-thin.
    She should leave him in the past. That’s what he wants her to do. But from the second the determined midwife shows up in Pine Harbour, she knows she’s staying–no matter how much heartache is in store for her.

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